Our loans provide an alternative to low income entrepreneurs without access to credit from traditional banks. We provide these loans using the ASA Model.

ASA Savings and Loans offers the following products:

Small loan, weekly Loan: This loan is designed for clients who cannot afford formal bank loans due to the nature and size of their businesses. It is an individual loan via client groups tailored to improve existing businesses through easy access of affordable services and a comprehensive repayment method.

Individual Loan, monthly Loan: This product is designed for clients in business. It is a 10-month individual loan with monthly instalments.

SME Loan: This is a term loan meant for small and medium enterprises as well as individuals in trade and commerce, services, agriculture, transport, and other sectors of the economy.

Education Loan: It is designed for our existing borrowers whose children are at school and must pay school fees.

Asset Financing Loan: It enables to acquire assets such as a motor vehicle, taxi, and trotro cars, machinery and equipment for commercial purpose.

Other offerings include:

ASA Savings Account: It is a personal account designed to offer innovative savings to both prospective and potential customers who want to set aside any surplus funds for future use with a required minimum deposit of GH₵10.00.

Fixed Term Deposit: This is an investment account which requires a fixed amount over a period which varies between 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

ASA Long-Term Savings Account: This is a special savings account that gives the opportunity to save and accumulate wealth. It also helps to save (such as for payment of rent, child school fees, buying a car, land, house, marriage, etc.).

ASA Current Account: The current account is a transactional account that gives you the freedom to manage your money the way you desire. This account has no charge: zero maintenance special package designed for those who want to enjoy a current account.